Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is hyper-reactive, with low tolerance to external stimuli.

The epidermis of sensitive and intolerant skin shows an alteration of its barrier function, a phenomenon that favours skin dehydration and the penetration of potentially irritating agents.

Symptoms may include tingling, tightness, redness and irritation

Care for sensitive skin

Cleanse very gently, without over-cleansing, which can create the opposite effect and lead to irritation and itching.

Do not use tonics with alcohol. Choose specific creams and serums for this type of skin and do not overuse exfoliants or acids.

Include soothing facial oils in your routine to help strengthen the skin barrier and soothe the skin, relieving itching and discomfort.

During the day, don't forget sunscreen, you should use it every day, all year round.