Aloe vera, camomile, lemon balm, onion and clay are some of the active ingredients included in the formulas of Armonía natural shampoos, and they ensure clean, soft and healthy hair.

Paraben and silicone-free shampoos

Armonía shampoos do not contain parabens or silicones. They are all formulated with a gentle cleansing base.

Using cleansing bases that are too strong makes the cuticle swell and open. With continued use, this alters the hair structure, making it dry, fragile, porous and even brittle.

A natural treatment is the best option to ensure healthy hair. For sensitive scalps, we recommend using shampoos and masks with gentle cleansing bases and no silicone. Sulphates are the detergents that produce foam and they can be aggressive to the hair, whereas silicone accumulates on the surface of the scalp, blocking the follicles.

Vegan and cruelty-free shampoos

Our shampoos are vegan and cruelty-free. Among their ingredients, you will find chamomile, which has an analgesic and regenerating effect and is recommended to relieve irritation that those with damaged hair suffer from.

Lemon balm protects and reduces irritation of the scalp thanks to its recognised calming effect, and it makes the hair smooth and light.

In low concentrations, sulphur breaks up the structure of keratin, eliminating layers of dandruff. Onion is an active ingredient used in one of the hair formulas. It is a powerful hair stimulant, either accelerating hair growth or reducing hair loss.

Personal Hygiene

Discover our range of products for personal hygiene. Shower gels and intimate gels made of natural and skin-friendly active ingredients.


Makeup removers

Discover our range of natural and cruelty-free makeup remover products. Products for daily facial cleansing and care, which are suitable for all skin types and ages.


Scalp-friendly natural shampoos

Why is the scalp so important? Hair follicles are found within the scalp therefore keeping it healthy is synonymous with stronger and shinier hair.

Just like the skin, the scalp is covered by a protective layer. External aggressions may damage and deteriorate it, therefore leaving it unprotected.

Pollution, the weather, frequent dyeing, the use of unsuitable shampoos and/or conditioners in your daily routine, stress or hormones are the most common factors that may lead to hair damage.

Shampoo is key. Just as you choose your face cream based on the state of your skin, look for the most suitable shampoo for your hair type.

natural shampoos
natural shampoos

Natural shampoos for all hair types

From a treatment perspective, there are three different types of hair:
Normal hair: it is shiny, velvety and well-coloured, with no split ends. From a cosmetic perspective, this hair type only requires very gently care so as to not upset the normal physiological balance.
Dry hair: it has a dull appearance, with split ends and dry scales and is prone to breaking and splitting due to its low elasticity. Its pH is more acid than normal. It is lacking in oil and therefore moisture. It should be massaged and revitalised using products with a conditioning and balsamic effect.
Oily hair: it has a greasy and sticky appearance due to the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. Its pH is higher than normal, therefore this hair type is more prone to microbial infections. From a cosmetic perspective, it should be cared for using products with a disinfectant, astringent and degreasing effect.

It is recommended to use shampoos with natural active ingredients. Look for ingredients such as nettle and tea tree, with an astringent and antibacterial effect. Ginseng, which stimulates microcirculation, rosemary, which provides vitamins and trace elements and enables oxygenation, and onion, which helps combat fungal problems (dandruff or oil) and also prevents hair loss as it is a natural antiseptic.