Dry Skin

Dry skin is easily irritated, very delicate and easily affected by temperature changes.

The outer layers of the skin lose their ability to maintain normal moisture levels. At first glance, it appears smooth and tight, but in reality it is very thin skin. Expression wrinkles are often accentuated.

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Dry Skin Pack

Facial skincare routine pack for dry skin

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Care for dry skin

It is important to cleanse gently and use soaps that are suitable for this skin type, as using the wrong products can increase dryness, which may contribute to the appearance of fine lines and premature wrinkles.

Avoid alkaline soaps and sudden changes in temperature.

Avoid products containing alcohol.

Use moisturising products during the day and nourishing creams at night to prevent wrinkles. Include facial oils in your routine to reinforce skin nutrition and improve the effects of ageing. You can apply them after your moisturiser.

The eye area is the thinnest part of the face, so it is essential to use nourishing and anti-wrinkle products in this area. Use sunscreen every day, even in winter.

Sun damage slowly causes your skin to retain less moisture and feel rougher and more dehydrated.