Body moisturiser

Discover our range of moisturising body creams and products.

Body moisturisers with different textures, made of natural products and paraben-free for nourished skin.

Body creams for all skin types

The skin that covers our body acts as the first defence against external aggressions. Keeping it in perfect conditions is essential for it to be able to properly perform its barrier function, since nourished and hydrated skin is strong skin that will offer greater protection.

Tight and flaky skin, small wrinkles on the chest or poorly toned arms are effects that we can prevent and treat, delay or improve and soften with good body hydration. Use either creams, lotions or butters - the important thing is to keep your skin healthy.

Instant deep body hydration

When choosing a body moisturiser, you must take into account both your needs and tastes.

There are different options for moisturising your skin. A gel texture is lighter and provides quick hydration with instant relief. In contrast, cream textures, particularly butter ones, must be worked in more when applied, but they are often perfect for repairing very dehydrated skin and preventing dryness in problem areas such as elbows or heels.

Personal Hygiene

Discover our range of products for personal hygiene. Shower gels and intimate gels made of natural and skin-friendly active ingredients.


Natural Shampoos

Aloe vera, camomile, lemon balm, onion and clay are some of the active ingredients included in the formulas of Armonía natural shampoos, and they ensure clean, soft and healthy hair.


Body Oils

Body oils for daily use that hydrate and nourish the skin and give it a pleasant feeling of softness with light scented touches.


Natural Face Creams

The face creams contain 100% natural and organic active ingredients, organic vegetable oils, floral waters and other organic ingredients, some of which are from small producers or agricultural associations.


Paraben-free body moisturisers

At Armonía, we formulate our body moisturiser products using natural ingredients which are free from parabens and dyes.

We always seek to incorporate the best of nature into our products: using only ingredients that are necessary to ensure the product gives the best results, without unnecessary additions that don’t contribute anything and only make the formulas more expensive.

This is why we use natural ingredients such as aloe vera, an extremely useful active ingredient to calm, repair and improve the appearance of the skin; or shea butter, which is known for its regenerating and nourishing effect.

body moisturiser
body moisturiser

Natural cosmetics to hydrate your skin

Some areas of our body are particularly sensitive. The skin of the neckline, for example, is very thin and tends to lose its strength over time and small wrinkles appear. The arms or buttocks are other areas that give away their age and require a good dose of creams to keep them toned.

Other areas that tend to suffer are our hands, since they are continually subjected to harsh soaps, hydro-alcoholic gels, the sun and constant external aggressions. Moisturising them with natural active ingredients will help to repair them and prevent premature ageing, reducing the appearance of spots and wrinkles.

Regularly applying a suitable cream will help to maintain elasticity, youthfulness and smoothness. Get smooth and renewed skin with the best ingredients that care for and protect your skin so that it appears strong and healthy.