Snail Extract

Complete range of products formulated with ECOCERT-certified y 100% organic snail extract for complete skin care.

Organic Snail Extract range

The snail slime extract selected by Armonía Cosmética Natural is obtained thanks to a patented extraction method, which guarantees the animal's well-being throughout the process.

The snails are bred under the optimal conditions offered by the eastern part of Languedoc-Roussillon (France), with a highly specific organic diet.

The combination of these factors and the unique post-processing of the snail slime results in a unique extraction method worldwide, which guarantees:

- First and only organic certification of a snail slime.

- Utmost care for the animal.

- Maximum purity of the ingredient with no preservatives in the raw material with the best physical, chemical and microbiological quality. The active ingredient is introduced into the final product without any other active ingredients.

Triple effect: anti-wrinkle, moisturising and firming

A study conducted by an independent laboratory reveals surprising results:

Clinical study carried out for 28 days on 30 women, with two daily applications of the Regenerating Cream, conducted by EVIC HISPANIA

- Proven anti-wrinkle effect: skin replicates taken before and after treatment.

- Quantitative analysis of the cutaneous relief in 4 weeks, the difference shows a decrease in the total surface of wrinkles, length, depth, etc.

- Demonstrated moisturising effect: Measuring the skin's water capacity or conductivity at different times of application (2 and 4 hours before and after treatment).

- Depigmenting effect: Instrumental measurement of the melanin index before and after treatment.

The results were as follows:

44% of wrinkles on the total surface.

14% wrinkle depth.

26% 4 hours after application.

21% melanin index (reduction of dark spots).

Active Carbon

Active Carbon is a range that deeply cleanses and keeps your skin protected from pollutants.


Lifting Effect

The lifting effect range acts on ageing, sagging and expression wrinkles.