Mature skin

It is thin, dry or dehydrated skin that lacks brightness. It may be saggy, lack of tone and firmness, have deep wrinkles and dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Care for mature skin

It is very important to use a specific product daily to eliminate possible impurities. As mature skin tends to become dry and rough, we recommend products that do not cause drying, such as cleansing milks.

Next you should use toner, which helps to restore the skin's pH since it has been altered by the soap product. Mature skin loses its ability to retain transepidermal water.

Therefore, it is necessary to use cosmetics with moisturising and nourishing active ingredients as they form a protective layer to prevent dehydration. Include facial oils in your day and night routine, you will reinforce the action of the cream you previously applied.

It provides luminosity with antioxidant ingredients, and corrects and reduces spots with specific depigmenting ingredients.

Protect and strengthen your skin against environmental factors, such as sun damage with a good sunscreen all year round. Remember that sunscreen is the best anti-wrinkle cream there is!