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Presentation: Cosmetic bag
Almond milk, 30ml
Biotin shampoo, 30ml
Exfoliating shower gel, 30ml
Body lotion helix active, 30ml
Helix active regenerating cream, 2x2ml

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ALMOND MILK. Paraben-free, almond based, cleansing milk, formulated to remove deep impurities, dead cells and traces of make-up. Due to its high provitamin A content, it prevents skin peeling, leaving it firm and hydrated.

BIOTIN SHAMPOO. BIOTIN-based shampoo (Vitamin B7), known for its hair strengthening action, which brings together special active ingredients for hair loss, such as horsetail and panthenol (Provitamin B5), with hydrolysed keratin, in a mild paraben-free formula for daily use. PARABEN-FREE. WITHOUT SODIUM LAURYL SULPHATE.

Exfoliating shower gel. Exfoliating shower gel which cleans, softens and removes impurities. With naturally exfoliant particles of peach, enriched with lemon balm.
The exfoliation stimulates the skin’s cell regeneration, cleans the epidermis by removing dead cells and impurities which accumulate there, providing soft and bright skin.
The exfoliating shower gel from ARMONIA COSMETICA NATURAL is a double-use product, whose main function is to cleanse and eliminate impurities while respecting the skin's pH.
The concentrated lemon balm extract and peach stone promote cell renewal and prepare the skin for nourishing and moisturising treatments that follow.
With a fresh perfume and foamy texture, the exfoliating gel from HNC provides you with clean and hydrated skin immediately.

BODY LOTION HELIX ACTIVE. Moisturising body emulsion with a non-oily texture that is easily absorbed for daily skin care. Formulated with extracts from organic snail slime, aloe vera and marigold, and musk-rose oil to provide the skin with maximum nourishment, stimulating hydration, revitalising, and helping repair minor imperfections. Perfect for skin types with a tendency to dryness.

HELIX ACTIVE REGENERATING CREAM. Regenerating cream made from certified organic snail slime extract, high in allantoin, collagen, elastin and other micronutrients that help hydrate and smooth the skin, attenuating blemishes. Formulated without parabens, it is enriched with other organic active agents such as aloe vera and marigold extract, combined with sun filters to guarantee active skin care.
Certified organic marigold, aloe vera and snail slime extracts.

ALMONDS: contain proteins, minerals and vitamins (A and B) that regenerate the skin. Natural oil obtained from the first cold press of sweet almonds. It is emollient and anti-inflammatory, and is also highly nutritious for the skin.
BIOTIN: is an enzymatic co-factor. It combines with enzymes for faster chemical reactions. It strengthens hair, making it grow more quickly, be glossier and slows down hair loss. It is a hydrosoluble vitamin that is associated with Pro-vitamin B5 for it to be assimilated. PANTHENOL: or pro-vitamin B5. It acts as a nourishing factor for the hair follicle, as well as protecting, moistening, softening and making hair glossy. KERATIN: is the protein that coats the hair, making it hard, strong and resistant. It acts as a mechanical protection system, seals split ends, gives gloss, softness, elasticity, and it is especially recommended for damaged hair.
PEACH AND LEMON BALM: The concentrated lemon balm extract has a positive effect on excess grease, regulating the production of sebum in the follicles. It also helps to maintain the acid pH of the skin. After the treatment, the skin will redden due to the exfoliating action of the peach stone granules.
The organic certified snail slime extract chosen by Armonía Cosmética Natural is obtained thanks to a patented extraction method which guarantees the animal’s well-being during the whole process. Very rich in proteins that provides nourishment; collagen and elastin act specifically on the structure and flexibility of the skin; allantoin, glycolic acid and mucopolysaccharides are associated with cell regeneration. Marigold extract: an emollient rich in vitamins and mineral salts which helps soften the skin. Aloe vera extract: Known for its restorative capacity, it is an extremely useful ingredient for calming, refreshing and improving the appearance of skin, capable of retaining high quantities of water.

ALMOND MILK. Place a small amount on your finger tips or on a piece of cotton wool, and apply using a gentle circular massage, removing impurities and traces of make-up. Remove excess product with a piece of cotton wool, flannel or warm water, and afterwards apply facial tonic. Finish with your normal cream, suited to your skin type.

BIOTIN SHAMPOO. Apply to damp hair, gently massaging your scalp with your finger tips. Leave for a couple of minutes.

EXFOLIATING SHOWER GEL. Apply under the shower with a light massage and circular movements. Pay special attention to hardened zones and those where body hair is buried under the skin.

BODY LOTION HELIX ACTIVE. Apply all over the body using a gentle massage, preferably after showering, until it has been totally absorbed.

HELIX ACTIVE REGENERATING CREAM. Instructions for use: Apply morning and night, after facial cleansing, to face, neck and cleavage area, gently massaging with your finger tips. Wait for five minutes before applying make-up. Avoid contact with eyes.


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